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FMP Partners Network<sup>SM</sup> Our Program

The FMP Partners NetworkSM is the independent service centers’ connection to all the parts, tools and technology you need to take your shop to the next level. When you join the FMP Partners Network, you’re connected with a Nationwide Warranty Program, with fast, affordable parts, tools and equipment. You’re connected to marketing, training and online diagnostic support. In fact, everything you need to run your shop efficiently and profitably is within the FMP Partners Network. It is designed to be the simplest, most hassle-free program you’ll find.

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Nationwide Warranty

Study after study shows that one of the most important benefits a shop can offer to its customers is a nationwide parts and labor warranty — in writing. As a Network member, you offer that and so much more.

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Roadside Assistance

As member of the FMP Partners NetworkSM, your customers not only get the peace of mind that goes with your Nationwide Warranty Program, they get the assurance that they will never be left stranded.

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Road Hazard Plan

Road Hazard programs have proven value. They provide your customer with valuable protection, while giving you, as a tire retailer, a consistent source of revenue from plan sales and claim fulfillment. With the Automotive Business Solutions' Nationwide Road Hazard Plan, you get the "next generation" in road hazard programs.

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Training & Tools

Our goal is to bring you the same information the dealers get, so you’re always on top of the industry and ahead of the curve. This program alone can save you more than enough to cover your FMP Partners NetworkSM fees each year.

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Marketing Support

As a member of the FMP Partners Network, you have ready access to the best marketing and advertising services you’ll find—at dramatic “Members Only” pricing. Our marketing partners are a committed to helping you drive traffic and build your business cost effectively.

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The FMP Partners NetworkSM was designed exclusively for independent shops. This is not a one size fits all program but rather a well thought-out strategy to level the playing field for independents like you. We’re bringing you all the tools, training and support your shop needs, along with the best Nationwide Warranty in the industry.

When you join the FMP Partners NetworkSM, you get instant access to a world of products and services that are designed to make your life easier and your shop run better. Additionally, FMP sells exclusively to the professional trade—that means we do not have retail stores and do not compete with you by taking your customers.

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