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Provide your customers with a comprehensive road hazard plan covering any tire you sell. This program allows you the flexibility to sell road hazard coverage to your customers at a very competitive rate.

Road hazard plans are a great source of additional revenue for your shop and provide your shop with a program that will keep you competitive with the major regional and national tire chains.


  • No up-front costs - Pay as you go after you make the sale to your customer
  • Nationwide coverage for your customers at over 35,000 locations
  • Fast claim payment - Claims are paid in an average of 10 minutes
  • Convenient on. line tire registration and claims filing
  • Monthly billing or credit card payment options


  • Free Tire Replacement for the first 33% (one third) of useable tread, prorated thereafter
  • Free Flat Repair for the life of the tire (or plan)
  • Flat Tire Changing Assistance nationwide
  • Nationwide Coverage – thousands of dealers, in all 50 states, we cover tires at home or away
  • Easy, flat-rate pricing—6% of the tire selling price

*Coverage is valid for three years from the purchase date or until the tire is worn out (2/32nds tread or less)


To contact a representative regarding the road hazard program, click here or call 866-830-4189.

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